Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Too risky

oh yes...don't try some new recipes the night before if you need to bring your baked goods to a fund-rising event the next day...that's the lesson I learned tonight.

I should have done the same old scone recipe. How difficult it is to make scone? Not at all! However, if you get a not-so-reliable recipe, the outcome will be a disappointment. For some reasons, I tried this scone recipe. The source is from Canadian Living and there is a seal of "Tested till perfect" on the page. Sounds good? Sure. So with all my heart, I gave it a try.

I followed everything on the recipe except replacing the fake sugar (splenda) with real sugar. The dough seemed to be very wet when I tried to pat it down to 2cm thick. It shouldn't be that wet. However, I proceeded with the rest. When I took the scones out of the oven, they didn't rise much at all. The flavor was there, but they didn't have the normal scone texture due to the high level of moisture.

I'll snap some pics tomorrow.